Schedule Weekly Email Reports Through Google Analytics

February 23, 2011

Scheduling automated email reports through Google Analytics is a great way to monitor your website with very little effort. It's also really simple to set up. To get started, follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account and select the site from which you want to receive reports.

2. Once on your main Dashboard screen, click the small “email” button right above the main chart.

3. When the "set up email" page loads you’ll see two tabs – select the “schedule” tab to create a recurring report.

4. Complete each field with your information. This will include the email addresses of recipients, the subject line of the email, the type of file and the frequency of the emailed report. I normally send a PDF file and recommend scheduling reports to be sent on a weekly (or at the latest monthly) basis.

5. Finally, click the “schedule” button and you’re done! You’ll now get nicely formatted reports sent straight to your inbox that you can review, monitor and share with your group.

Note: Along with the default categories shown on the Dashboard, I also like to include a few additional measurements, such as “keywords” and “referring sites.” To add these to your Dashboard and your recurring report, navigate to those specific pages and click “add to dashboard.”


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You may like our tool as well. We've found that most people find the Google Analytics reporting emails to be too complicated and include too much information to read through. We created a tool to email you an overview of your most important information that matters whenever you want to get your reports and you can brand it so your clients don't know we are even there.
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mohan kiran
Hey Thanks Alex..

Thank you for the information.

I have another question.

I got the report morning itself, but UN-fortunately i clicked the link provided in mail for opt out email and i said Yes.

I think if i clicked Yes means, i will not receive email's right ..

I want it back, so please help me on this ASAP.

Mohan Kiran
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Alex Pomer NMC team member
@Mohan: thanks for reaching out! Google sends out daily emails each "morning" (the exact time is not specified). The catch is that "morning" is defined as morning in the Mountain Time Zone. I hope that helps!
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mohan kiran
I have a question,
I have scheduled Email Daily for my Account.
So at what time the email will get received.

Mohan Kiran
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Yay - PDF reports and automatic emailing from Google Analytics are now working again!
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Alex Pomer NMC team member
@Joel: It should be coming soon!
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Joel Black
The new interface is a disaster! I cant even set up email reports any more, unless I am just completely missing it.
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Hi Ash. No, don't think it's been added. Soon, I hope!
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Ash NMC team member
Any news on the new beta interface? I spent a bit of time looking but still could not find it? Cheers for the clear explanation!
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Hi Yannick.

No, I don't think email reports are available in the new interface yet. They mentioned this in an email sent out to users on their beta list, but didn't say when it'd be available.
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Yannick Veys
Hi Jonathan,

Did you also find a way to email reports in the new analytics interface. Either I'm blind, or they haven't built that option yet? :) Or...?



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