February 2024 Newsletter

February 22, 2024

Clever Strategies to Engage Users Online

On our phones, laptops, and tablets, content comes at us from all directions in ultra-compact, bite-sized pieces: a quick-burst Tweet, a one-sentence news alert, a 10-second recipe video. And it makes sense, considering that our attention spans seem to be shrinking, or at least changing. 

With shortform content so deeply entrenched in today’s digital landscape, one might be inclined to scrap the deep dives and focus web articles on quick summaries and bulleted lists. And that’s the right thing to do in some cases, but longform content is far from dead. There are still plenty of times when users are interested in a detailed look at a topic or product. 

The key to doing it right? Giving users options for how they engage with the content. Things like jump links to skip through sections, toggles to show or hide details, and outlines placed high on the page that allow users to decide where to skim and where to take a closer look.

Keep reading for examples of these strategies and our thoughts on best practices for implementation.

Examples of Website Features for Pages with A Lot of Content




Working towards the goal of powering Democratic victories, Arena trains and educates the next generation of political candidates and campaign staff. It was important to establish the urgency and impact of their work online, so we worked closely with the Arena team to develop an engaging web style that highlights upcoming events, recent press, and ways to get involved. 

Community Greening

Community Greening is a South Florida nonprofit that works towards increasing the area’s urban tree canopy. To showcase their impact and environmental initiatives, we created a bright, user-friendly website that incorporates key statistics, engaging imagery, and on-brand nature-themed graphics. 

Plug-In NC

Plug-In NC is a statewide program that promotes electric transportation by holding community events, producing educational resources, and collaborating with state and local government partners. We worked with their team to create a new website that answers common EV questions and organizes resources into intuitive content hubs. 
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