Better Web: Weekly, Actionable Tips to Get the Most from the Web and Your Website

February 1, 2011

The New Media Campaigns blog has always been a focus for our agency. From the hundreds of posts we’ve written over several years we've benefited from site traffic, exposure and prospects looking for our help. Even more importantly, we’ve contributed lots of helpful tips and advice to our followers--pointing out trends, drawing attention to different tools and techniques and just generally serving as a valuable destination of web-related information. In 2011, we will continue to publish these posts while also launching another resource for site owners and online marketers--Better Web.

Better Web will focus on actionable items that will help to improve your website and/or online marketing, one week at a time. Often focused on beginner and intermediate topics, these weekly posts will shy away from the "food for thought" type dialogue and instead focus on actionable items that anyone can implement right away. If you run a website, market your business online or just want some help making sense of the always-changing web landscape, this resource is for you!

To ensure that you receive each weeks post, I hope that you’ll sign up for our email list. We're all busy and it's easy to bypass or overlook a lot of the great information that's being shared on the web. On top of that, the web is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. Add your name to our email list and let us help!

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