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We've been honored to have our work, team, and clients highlighted by others around the world, ranging from household name print publications to niche web outlets to popular conferences. See what others are saying about us and get in touch if you'd like to feature us or have us speak!

NMC Founder Featured in Hill Times Article on Canadian Political Strategy

Clay Schossow, one of NMC's founders and lead political strategist was interviewed for an article in The Hill Times about how Canadian Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau can combat the recent barrage of Conservative attack ads. 

NMC featured as a counter-example to Yahoo's decision to ban working remotely

In a piece about Yahoo's recent controversial decision to require all employees to work in the office, the News & Observer cited New Media Campaigns' successful experience with allowing working remotely to retain and attract talented employees. 

BCC Quotes NMC Project Manager on Social Media Practices of Presidential Candidates

The BCC article, discussing the social media practices of the presidential candidates, quotes NMC Partner and Project Manager, Clay Schossow.  Clay explains that targeting groups with more personalized communication may be more effective than tweeting to thousands. Announces Launch of NMC Sr. Developer's PHP The Right Way.

Josh Lockhart, Sr. Developer at NMC, launced his website, PHP The Right Way to address the misinformation that is commonly found online.  Josh's website provides programmers with useful PHP resources and tips to get on the right track. notes that the site is an open source project so others can contribute their own content as well.

NMC Sr. Developer's Website Featured in PHPFog's Blog

Luc Perkins of PHPFog blogs about Josh Lockhart’s website, PHP The Right Way. He discusses the usefulness of PHP and the problems with the PHP community and set of practices that Josh’s website sets out to address.  Josh, Sr. Developer at NMC, offers a solution to the lack of information on the web with his reliable, informative site.

Smashing Magazine Tweets about PHP The Right Way.

Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for web developers, tweeted the link to Josh Lockhart’s website, PHP The Right Way. Josh, NMC’s Sr. Developer, created this site to provide new programmers with the right information and resources about PHP since there was a lack of reliable information online.

NMC's Sr. Developer Applauded for Creating Informative Site for PHP

Gina Trapani, creator of ThinkUp, commends NMC’s Sr. Developer, Josh Lockhart, for PHP: The Right Way.  In her blog post, From Amateur to Pro with PHP the Right Way, she notes that good programmers should use great tools from the beginning.  Josh’s website provides information and resources for PHP to help new programmers do just that.

NMC’s Sr. Developer Discusses with Voices of the Elephant

Josh Lockhart, Sr. Developer at NMC and member of the PHP Community, was recently interviewed by Voices of the Elephant.  Josh explains that the goal of his new site,, is to provide reliable, up-to-date information about PHP to new programmers.

NMC founder featured in TRNS post

Clay Schossow explains that candidates often upgrade servers as a precaution in anticipation of increased web traffic.  Recent changes in website hosting services fuel speculation on the VP selection.

NMC comments on campaign app

Clay Schossow, lead project manager at New Media Campaigns, offers insight on the purpose behind campaign apps, like the Mitt VP app, in article for The Atlantic Wire.  He explains how these apps encourage people to provide politicians with personal data.

Walter Dalton campaign announces NMC as their online consultants

Clay Schossow, one of NMC's partner's, was announced in the News & Observer as the lead online consultant for the Walter Dalton for NC Governor campaign. New Media Campaigns is helping the campaign with not only its political website, but also its online advertising and social media management experience. 

NMC's Google Ad Campaign is featured in the N&O

New Media Campaigns' targeted Google Ads for the Walter Dalton for NC Governor campaign were featured in the News & Observer for the campaign's early organization and foresight to place ads on Google searches for other candidates in the race. 

NMC's HiFi featured on list of best hosted CMSs

New Media Campaigns' HiFi content management system made Vandelay Design's list of 13 of the Best Hosted CMSs. HiFi's templating system, custom field feature and elegant, user-friendly interface were noted as some of its primary benefits for web developers.

NMC Founder Speaks on Panel Discussing Social Media's Role in Politics

Clay Schossow, lead project manager at New Media Campaigns, spoke at Saint Anselm College for an event on Social Media and the Contemporary Campaign. The panel discussed ways for campaigns in the upcoming election cycle to use social media and other online tools to communicate effectively with constituents

Director of Raleigh Economic Development quoted in Business Week on America's Best City

James Sauls, the director for Raleigh Economic Development and the organization's website were highlighted in a Business Week article naming Raleigh, NC the #1 city in the country. NMC and Liaison Design group built the website as partners in 2008. Sauls said about Raligh, "You can find about every amenity that you want, even in a city of our size”.

NMC Website Design scores well on CSS Mania

New Media Campaigns recently redesigned their website and the website scored a 9.3 out of 10 on CSS Mania, a website that aggregates websites that do an amazing job utilizing the latest trends and techniques in CSS. 

NMC Developer's Slim Micro Framework featured in PHP Application Prototyping Tutorial

NMC senior developer Josh Lockhart built a PHP 5 micro framework to create RESTful web applications. The framework was used in a great tutorial by Nettuts+, a blog and community for web development tutorials.  

25 Bloggers Talk About LinkedIn

New Media Campaigns' blog post on Using LinkedIn to Market Your Company was featured on Blog World's top 25 articles on LinkedIn. The post encourages leveraging your offline network, interacting in groups, answering questions, and creating a group to benefit those in the community. 

NMC speaks at Refresh the Triangle on Speed

The partners of New Media Campaigns spoke at Refresh the Triangle in late May and were later featured by Technorati for their presentation on building websites quickly without sacrificing quality. Have a look at some pictures from the event.

30 Beautiful Examples of Screenshots in Web Design

Vandelay Design, a group that helps businesses and organizations build a more effective online presence, put together a list of 30 websites that compellingly utilize screenshots in its design including New Media Campaigns' HiFi content management system.

20th Annual Pollie Awards & Conference Panel

New Media Campaigns' lead project manager Clay Schossow was chosen to speak at the 2011 Pollies, a conference that recognizes the sarts in political and public affairs communications. NMC was asked to speak for their experience incorporating social media into political campaigns.

7 jQuery plugins you should not miss

New Media Campaigns Joel Sutherland wrote a jPhoto grid plugin that was the feature plugin on Web Developer Juice's compilation. Web Developer Juice is collection of the lates news and tricks for designers and web-developers on all subjects of design.


Client named one of best Congressional websites in 2010

The Reed Awards, sponsored by Campaigns & Elections, are presented to political and public affairs professionals at the top of their game. Ed Permutter's campaign website was one of four Congressional sites to be nominated for the award. The website resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars raised online and hundreds of volunteer signups.


HiFi CMS website featured on CSS Mania

New Media Campaigns' content management system, HiFi, was featured on CSS Mania, a website that highlights websites with remarkable usage of CSS. The website garnered an overall rating of 9/10.

Carrboro company holds on to 'great talent'

The New Media Campaigns team was featured in the The News and Observer for their relatively uncommon remote workplace setup. Several of the team members work in different parts of the country and communicate almost exclusively through email, chat rooms and online project management software.

20 jQuery Image and Multimedia Gallery Plugins

Online design magazine SpeckyBoy put together a list of the top 20 jQuery Image and Multimedia galleries, and jPhotoGrid (developed by New Media Campaign's co-founder and developer) Joel Sutherland) was second on the list.

Put Your Business on the Map

Inc. Technology, a website devoted to providing easy-to-follow instructions and advice for small business technology issues, explained how interactive maps are increasingly a standard component of website development. The article featured commentary from New Media Campaigns President Joel Sutherland because of his widely used jQuery interactive map plugin.

What Every Web Developer Should Know About Front-End Performance

New Media Campaign's co-founder and web developer Joel Sutherland wrote a post exclusively for WebDesigner Depot focusing on improving front-end website performance. WebDesigner Depot is a popular platform for exploring different web design techniques and best practices.

Carrboro webmeisters get their biggest hit

The New Media Campaigns' founders were featured in the News & Observer for being named among America's best young entrepreneurs by The article highlights New Media Campaigns' expansion from a political web design focus to work with ad agencies, businesses and nonprofits of all sizes.

2010 Finalists: America's Best Young Entrepreneurs

New Media Campaigns was a 2010 finalist for Business Week's collection of America's Best Young Entrepreneurs. Business Week set out to find the country's most promising upcoming entrepreurs and was impressed enough by NMC's more than 400 website designs to give them a spot in the finalists.

50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers

New Media Campaigns' HiFi RegExp Tester was featured on Smashing Magazine, a company that delivers the latest trends and techniques on design and web development. The tool was written by Kris Jordan, New Media Campaigns' CTO, to help developers learn, practice and compose regular expressions and in particular, to help New Media Campaigns' developers while they worked on the company's new Content Management System for Designers

Candidates around the country are using smartphone apps to track and register voters.

Clay Schossow, co-founder of New Media Campaigns was quoted in the Daily Beast, an online news publication with over 5 million unique monthly readers, about the rapidly evolving online political landscape and in particular, the increased focus on social and mobile connectivity.

Who's using jQuery Templates?

James Senior, the "technical evangelist" on the Microsoft Web Platform who helps developers understand Microsoft's technology and use it to be more efficient, keeps a blog highlighting cutting edge technology practices. New Media Campaigns' new content management system, HiFi, was featured on his blog for its early use of jQuery templates.

A showcase of sites using HTML5 markup, the website for New Media Campaigns' upcoming content management system for designers, was feautured on HTML5 Gallery, which showcases sites that are effectively using HTML5. was built using HTML5 and CSS3 extensively and you see a documentation of the entire build process here.

20+ Demos Showing Advanced jQuery Effects

Webdesigner Depot, a platform for exploring different web design techniques and best practices, put together a list of 20 demos for creating jQuery effects that rival that of Flash. Number four on the list was the interactive jQuery map built by New Media Campaigns' president, Joel Sutherland.

Pulling Photos From Flickr Feeds & Display Them Easily

WebAppers, a site devoted to finding the best open source resources for web developers, featured a jQuery Flickr Feed plugin written by New Media Campaigns lead developer Joel Sutherland. The plugin allows anyone to beautifully and easily pull in a Flickr slideshow from a Flickr account and place it on a website.

How to Successfully Manage a Virtual Workforce

American Express's OPEN forum, a column of business insights from owners and experts, interviewed New Media Campaigns' lead project manager Clay Schossow for an article on managing a virtual office. Schossow highlights the importance of valuing really good employees over location proximity.

10 New jQuery Plugins You Have to Know

Queness wrote an article that picked out 10 of the most recent jQuery plugins that caught their eye based on the plugins' design and application. Number one on their list was the interactive jQuery map built by New Media Campaigns lead developer Joel Sutherland. The story highlights the map's functionality without using any flash.

jPhotoGrid - Zoomable jQuery Image Gallery

Web Appers, a website devoted to finding the best open source resources for web developers, highlighted a Zoomable jQuery Image Gallery that was created by Joel Sutherland, the lead developer at New Media Campaigns. The image gallery takes a simple list of images and captions and turns it into a grid of photos that can be explored and zoomed.

Social Media Takes on Politics

Fox News in Vermont features New Media Campaigns lead project manager Clay Schossow in a TV news spot highlighting the changing world of politics with a new emphasis on social media. The story details the advantages of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, three of the four social networks we've previously suggested for political campaigns in our internet marketing blog. Click here to view the story in print.

Making Interactive Maps With jQuery

Chrissie Brodigan wrote a blog post for Carsonified that detailed the work behind her creation of a beautiful jQuery map. In it she outlines four things she kept in mind while working on the project including smart architecture, developer-free updates, being SEO-friendly, and New Media Campaigns developer Joel Sutherland's post on bulding an interactive map with jQuery over flash.

How to Manage Virtually

Four strategies for companies considering giving employees the freedom to work remotely. New Media Campaigns founder Clay Schossow elaborates on the tools and mindset their company uses after a year and a half of experirence with virtual communication in the workplace.

47 Amazing CSS3 Animation Demos

Web Designer Wall, a popular blog of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials featured the CSS Transitions Dropdown Menu Demo created by New Media Campaigns designer and developer Eli Van Zoeren.

Finalists for the 2010 Reed Awards

In Politics Magazine's 2nd annual Reed awards, where voters judge political campaigns based on marketing techniques from automated phone calls to logo material, New Media Campaigns' developer Eli Van Zoeren designed, coded and implemented one of three finalists in the Political Technology category for Bonner Gaylord's Raleigh City Council website.

Using jQuery The Sexy Way: 7 Great Techniques For a Slick Layout

DevSnippets, a site for readers to submit and read about the best code and design snippets, tutorials, and trends online, featured lead developer Joel Sutherland's zoomable jQuery image gallery in their collection of ways to better interactively display content using jQuery.

Local candidates delve into cyber campaigning

As more people spend time on social networks, political candidates are taking the plunge to better interact with their constituents. NMC details using social media in political campaigns as a cost-effective tool to engage voters for candidates who don't have the resources to pay for traditional marketing.

How jQuery is Killing Flash + jQuery Tutorials & Plugins to Beat Up Flash Animations, a design magazine that publishes all things web design, wrote an article predicting that jQuery will take over Flash in the next decade because of its wealth of tutorials and plugins. The first tutorial featured was an interactive map by New Media Campaigns developer Joel Sutherland.

Tips for handling the complexities of a virtual office

Business Insider, a business blog devoted to the financial, entertainment, green tech and digital industries, featured Clay Schossow, a partner at New Media Campaigns, in an article about the technological and cultural complexities of managing a virtual office. Schossow highlights the importance of constant communication, some face-to-face interaction, and virtual employees being "self starters." The article was originally published in OPEN Forum.

The Best jQuery Plugins of 2009

Web Design Ledger puts together a list of their 2009 favorites for all kinds of web design tools including WordPress themes, fonts, icons and Photoshop Tutorials. In their best jQuery Plugins of 2K9, they included New Media Campaigns developer Joel Sutherland's AutoSprites.

Create Zoomable & Interactive Maps with jQuery

Web Appers, a group that shares top quality open source resources for web developers and web designers featured the Zoomable and Interacitve Map jQuery Plugin built by New Media Campaigns developer Joel Sutherland.

35 More Useful jQuery Plugins and Techniques

In an article by Noupe on ways to use jQuery plugins to easily update or redesign your website, the Interactive, Zoomable jQuery Plugin by New Media Campaigns developer Joel Sutherland made the list as an Image/Media Resource.

30 Superb Examples of Infographic Maps

Web Designer Depot put together a list of their favorite interactive and graphical maps and coming in at number two was the jQuery Map developed by New Media Campaigns for their North Carolina Marine Science client.

Mother Earth Brewing Featured on CSS Beauty

NMC’s development work for one of our ad agency partners was featured on CSS Beauty, one of the most popular design galleries on the web, generating tens of thousands of views for the client. The agency designed the site and handed it off to NMC to build out.

10 Advance jQuery Scripts to take Your Website to the Next Level

10 ways to make your website stand out using jQuery scripts including the New Media Campaigns jQuery Filterable Portfolio. These scripts will help designers and developers impress their users and convince them to return to the site.

25 Fresh and New jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

The latest plugins and tutorials for aspiring jQuery developers including the New Media Campaigns Interactive, Filterable Portfolio. Download the plugins, watch the demos, and take your website to the next level using jQuery!

The Mystery Of CSS Sprites: Techniques, Tools And Tutorials

Smashing Magazine outlines the history of sprites, how they're used in web design today, and offers demos and plug-ins that developers can use in their own projects.  One of the CSS sprite techniques featured is New Media Campaigns developer Joel Sutherland's CSS Sprites 2 jQuery plug-in to better control animation between link states and simple initial configuration.

70 New, Useful AJAX And JavaScript Techniques

Smashing Magazine put together 70 great ways for developers to utilize JavaScript on their websites including New Media Campaigns' interactive map with jQuery instead of Flash. The techniques are broken down by category and many feature a demo or plug-in.

The Hofmeister Kink

The Hofmeister Kink is a subtle design technique used on many luxery cars. Joel Sutherland of New Media Camaigns breaks down the Kink's history and why seemingly small design practices can make a big difference.

Vote the site - vote for your favorite political website

Download Squad, a popular tech site, highlights New Media Campaigns' political website poll to see which candidate's website viewers preferred. Users could choose candidates in both the presidential election and congressional elections broken down by state.