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| Ashley Bennett

Design Predictions for 2016: The Rise of Custom

I love reading through all of the “design trends of the year posts” when January rolls around. This year promises a lot, from less grid-based layouts to more tiled designs, the return of drop shadows, and more use of motion through video and animation. While I have no doubt these… Read the Post

| Niki Litts

2015 Internet Summit Recap: All About that SEO

Four heads are better than one, particularly when it comes to the recent Internet Summit. This annual conference, held in downtown Raleigh, is a who’s who of Internet marketing thought leadership. And it’s massive. The NMC project managers had to divide and conquer. Alex, Claire,… Read the Post

| Niki Litts

The Journey to NMC: That Time AIGA Changed My Life

Being a project manager for New Media Campaigns, you might not immediately know that I am connected to 300+ designers around the Triangle. It also might not be clear why I spend so many hours of my time each month to make sure this connection thrives. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a t… Read the Post

| Niki Litts

Hopscotch Design Fest 2015 Recap

The second year of Hopscotch Design Festival brought five of us to downtown Raleigh [read one location], a rare thing since NMC embraces letting everyone work remotely and Ashley is based in Charlotte. This time away from our day to day responsibilities helped us learn more about each o… Read the Post

| Niki Litts

Looking Ahead to Hopscotch Design Fest

Tomorrow is Hopscotch Design Fest and we are psyched! Five New Media Campaign team members will descend on downtown Raleigh for the second year of this game-changing event.   Hopscotch Design Fest is the brain child of the sharp folks over at New Kind in partnership with the Hopscotch… Read the Post

| Josh Lockhart | Many

Docker for PHP Developers

I've used Vagrant to manage local development servers for several years. Vagrant is, according to its official website, a tool to "create and configure light-weight, reproducible, and portable development environments." Basically, Vagrant helps me create and provision virtual machines with u… Read the Post

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