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| Nathan Huening

A Review of Craft CMS & Tips to Get Started

Eight years, hundreds of web projects, and a dozen content management systems later, NMC has largely standardized on three options: Drupal, Wordpress, and our own HiFi. The two open source options are popular, stable, mature, and boast active development communities while we'v… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening | 3 Comments

Edit the Default Artboard Presets in Sketch 3

NMC designers are all big fans of Sketch (be sure to check out my post on essential plugins). And one of its handiest features are the artboard presets: select Insert > Artboard from the menu (or simply type the letter 'A') and you'll see the inspector change to something… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening | 4 Comments

The Rise of Animation in Web Design

Of the trends I identified in our recent post on what to expect for the web in 2015, animation is among the most important. But the purpose of the post was a high-level overview of what’s next in web design — more about the what than the why — and this topic deserves a litt… Read the Post

| Ashley Bennett | 1 Comment

The Magic of a One-Day Conference

In case you didn't know, I’ve been working remotely from Charlotte, NC for the last six months. While working remotely suits our team well (we’ve had team members all over the country), I do miss daily interactions with my coworkers in the office. I was super excited at the chan… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening | 5 Comments

Web Design & Development Trends You'll See in 2015

Another year in the books and the web industry marches ever forward: browsers become more sophisticated, new technologies emerge, and mobile devices become more and more common. 2014 saw many new trends start to emerge; not just obvious, visual web design trends for site visitors but product… Read the Post

| Claire Atwell | 2 Comments

Local SEO Tips for Businesses

There are a myriad online marketing options for local businesses to attract visitors to your website and convert those visitors to leads and sales. According to SEO Moz, there are approximately seven billion unique local searches each month on Google in the United States. In 2009, Google be… Read the Post

| Todd Synan

Using pushState for browser and SEO-friendly websites

The browser back and forward buttons are probably the tools most widely-used by the average internet user. Sites using traditional linking from page to page are why the buttons were designed. However, the ever-increasing popularity of Javascript-based applications that use AJAX implementatio… Read the Post

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