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| Ashley Bennett | 2 Comments

What I learned at Creative South

My favorite thing about attending conferences is the amount of excitement they spark for your work. It’s been over a week since I returned from Creative South 2014, and my twitter feed is still abuzz from the attendees and I’m still teeming with ideas for new techniques and proje… Read the Post

| Joel Sutherland | 1 Comment

Interview With NorthStar Foundation

Scott Hazelrigg saw a growing issue in Omaha, Nebrasaka: a huge lack of before and after school programs for the young males in North Omaha. Fewer than half of all youth participated in such a program and Omaha currently has the largest percentage of African American children living in pover… Read the Post

| Claire Atwell | 1 Comment

Should I Upgrade to Universal Analytics?

In October of 2012, Google announced Universal Analytics as the ‘the new operating standard for Google Analytics.’ This is Google’s first big overhaul of their signature web analytics platform. The tracking code and associated javascript library have been completely revampe… Read the Post

| Alex Pomer

How a Non-Profit Should Choose a CMS

Non-profits need to be especially cost-sensitive when marketing their organization. For that reason, the Web is a fantastic platform to focus marketing energy. We've built more than a hundred non-profit websites on a variety of content management systems (CMS) and thought it would be helpful… Read the Post

| Kris Jordan

Free A/B Split Testing with Google Analytics Tutorial

When a visitor is browsing your website, what impacts their willingness to start a relationship with your organization? The decisions you have made around your site's design, messaging, content, and layout. How confident are you in these decisions? As you update your site, how can you be sur… Read the Post

| Ashley Bennett | 4 Comments

Creative South 2014

When fellow-NMC designer Lenny and I traveled to the Creative South conference last April, we had no idea what to expect. Neither of us had been to a design conference before, we knew no one but each other, and we were extremely nervous. We just hoped to gain an ounce of new inspiration and … Read the Post

| Claire Atwell | 2 Comments

Writing Effective Title Tags

A title tag is the main text that describes a web page, providing users and search engines with quick, useful information about the page. Title tags are one of the most important opportunities you have to tell search engines what a page is about, and with limited real estate, writing them ef… Read the Post

| Tyler Pearson

Best practices for splash pages

Up until a few years ago, splash pages were used prevalently across the web in mundane ways ways like thanking users for visiting the site and then requiring them to click enter to even access content on the site. Fortunately, those days seem to be behind us and their general use on websites… Read the Post

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