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| Nathan Huening

Useful Bookmarklets for Web Development

I’m sure you know all about bookmarklets: little snippets of code that run arbitrary JavaScript on a page, allowing you to do all sorts of useful things. What you may not know about is one of Safari’s best-kept killer features: keyboard shortcut access to the URLs in your Favorit… Read the Post

| Josh Lockhart | 1 Comment

Using Drupal to Build a Custom Application

Drupal is More Than a CMS When you hear "Drupal" you probably think content management system (CMS). This is true. Drupal is an excellent content management system for creating and managing large, content-driven websites. However, Drupal is far more than a CMS.  At NMC we use a variety… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening

What's New in Sketch 3.1

Highlights from the Latest Update Everybody’s favorite UI design app just got a big update! It’s only one tenth of a version but 3.1 packs in a ton of useful new features (you can also check out our list of the best Sketch plugins to enhance your design process even more). The r… Read the Post

| Ashley Bennett | 2 Comments

Circles Conference 2014

Last week, I traveled to Circles Conference, a two-day event for creatives just outside of Dallas, Texas.  This was the first conference I’ve been to on my own, in a state I’ve never been to before, and I didn’t know many attendees outside of some brief interaction on… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening | 15 Comments

Essential Sketch Plugins for Web Design

Better Work, Faster with Sketch Plugins Sketch is seriously awesome. It didn’t take long before all the designers at NMC switched over to Sketch full-time. Ashley, Lenny, and I use it for all our client web work and now with version 3, it’s both feature-rich and stable enough fo… Read the Post

| Kris Jordan | 1 Comment

Manipulating State in React.js

In the previous entry of this series we looked at how React components encapsulated browser events and transformed them into component-level events. In this post we'll look at how those events impact the state of an application. Creating TodoStore to hold state Our Todo application is capt… Read the Post

| Kris Jordan | 2 Comments

Component Event Bubbling in React

React is an open source JavaScript library from Facebook and Instagram for building user interfaces (UI). React powers the UI of Instagram's web client and Facebook's Ad Management products. There are a number of benefits, ranging from nice templates with JSX, to a fast, virtual DOM. Re… Read the Post

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