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| Alex Pomer | 2 Comments

Optimizing the Design Layout for Blog Posts

We recently helped our friends at Lawyers Mutual of North Carolina dramatically improve the performance of their blog content from a number of different metrics. Their blog is one of the primary drivers of visitors to the site, so any changes to better serve those visitors and… Read the Post

| Hallie Kennedy

Tips for Social Media Management for Law Firms

As a firm that regularly consults helps with law firm web design and marketing strategy, we are frequently running into client questions and concerns surrounding content development for social media. This is not a new worry for those in the world of legal marketing, or marketing in general f… Read the Post

| Hallie Kennedy | 1 Comment

Tips for Conducting Social Media Audits for Law Firms

I recently stumbled on a stat on one of my favorite legal marketing blogs about social media marketing and law firms that knocked me for a loop. According to AVVO Chief Marketing Officer Leah McMillan, in 2015, 35% of attorneys said that they acquired clients through their efforts on socia… Read the Post

| Ashley Bennett

Design Predictions for 2016: The Rise of Custom

I love reading through all of the “design trends of the year posts” when January rolls around. This year promises a lot, from less grid-based layouts to more tiled designs, the return of drop shadows, and more use of motion through video and animation. While I have no doubt these… Read the Post

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