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| Josh Lockhart

Integrating Salsa Signup Forms Into a Website

NMC builds a lot of political websites and non-profit websites for local, regional, and national campaigns, and we encounter many different donation, advocacy, and supporter management platforms. These tools let organizations manage and communicate with their supporters.  Some of the mo… Read the Post

| Claire Atwell | 1 Comment

8 Features of Great Law Firm Web Design

Over the past eight years, NMC has designed and built dozens of websites for law firms and professional services firms. Along the way, we've identified a few features that not only make law firm websites stand out, but can lead directly to an increase in sitewide engagement and conversions. … Read the Post

| Todd Synan

Adding Ambient Video Backgrounds to Websites

In his January post Web Design & Development Trends You'll See in 2015, our own Nathan Huening included Ambient Video as one of the big trends to watch this year. Used to be that to play a video in a browser, you had to have a Flash plugin. With the rise of browsers that support both … Read the Post

| Henry Bley-Vroman

Sticking to Your Palette Regardless of Opacity

A strong, cohesive color palette is key when coming up with a visual design. Colors influence a viewer's emotions and so set the mood.1 Along with typography, color scheme is important to branding and creating corporate identity. Transparency—a common feature of modern web design—… Read the Post

| Clay Schossow

Josh Lockhart's "Modern PHP" is Here!

We're very excited to announce that our Senior Developer Josh Lockhart has published his book, Modern PHP.  The book was published by O'Reilly, one of the most respected and formidable names in tech with more than 8,000 books and training videos published. Josh has grown to be a leader… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening | 8 Comments

A Review of Craft CMS & Tips to Get Started

Eight years, hundreds of web projects, and a dozen content management systems later, NMC has largely standardized on three options: Drupal, Wordpress, and our own HiFi. The two open source options are popular, stable, mature, and boast active development communities. HiFi we'v… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening | 3 Comments

Edit the Default Artboard Presets in Sketch 3

NMC designers are all big fans of Sketch (be sure to check out my post on essential plugins). And one of its handiest features is the artboard presets: select Insert > Artboard from the menu (or simply type the letter 'A') and you'll see the inspector change to something … Read the Post

| Nathan Huening | 5 Comments

The Rise of Animation in Web Design

Of the trends I identified in our recent post on what to expect for the web in 2015, animation is among the most important. But the purpose of the post was a high-level overview of what’s next in web design — more about the what than the why — and this topic deserves a litt… Read the Post

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