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| Nathan Huening | 1 Comment

Web Design & Development Trends You'll See in 2015

Another year in the books and the web industry marches ever forward: browsers become more sophisticated, new technologies emerge, and mobile devices become more and more common. 2014 saw many new trends start to emerge; not just obvious, visual web design trends for site visitors but product… Read the Post

| Claire Atwell | 2 Comments

Local SEO Tips for Businesses

There are a myriad online marketing options for local businesses to attract visitors to your website and convert those visitors to leads and sales. According to SEO Moz, there are approximately seven billion unique local searches each month on Google in the United States. In 2009, Google be… Read the Post

| Todd Synan

Using pushState for browser and SEO-friendly websites

The browser back and forward buttons are probably the tools most widely-used by the average internet user. Sites using traditional linking from page to page are why the buttons were designed. However, the ever-increasing popularity of Javascript-based applications that use AJAX implementatio… Read the Post

| Clay Schossow

NMC 2014 In Review

2014 was a great year for the team at New Media Campaigns.  We added two new members to our growing team, launched some exciting projects, garnered press and awards for our work, and much more. Joining us midway through the year was Nathan Huening and his agency that he had run fo… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening | 1 Comment

Useful Bookmarklets for Web Development

I’m sure you know all about bookmarklets: little snippets of code that run arbitrary JavaScript on a page, allowing you to do all sorts of useful things. What you may not know about is one of Safari’s best-kept killer features: keyboard shortcut access to the URLs in your Favorit… Read the Post

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