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| Kris Jordan | 1 Comment

Manipulating State in React.js

In the previous entry of this series we looked at how React components encapsulated browser events and transformed them into component-level events. In this post we'll look at how those events impact the state of an application. Creating TodoStore to hold state Our Todo application is capt… Read the Post

| Kris Jordan | 1 Comment

Component Event Bubbling in React

React is an open source JavaScript library from Facebook and Instagram for building user interfaces (UI). React powers the UI of Instagram's web client and Facebook's Ad Management products. There are a number of benefits, ranging from nice templates with JSX, to a fast, virtual DOM. Re… Read the Post

| Josh Lockhart

Time Saving Tips for Drupal Buildouts

Automation New Media Campaigns builds a lot of Drupal sites. And we've learned the hard way that it is very easy to waste valuable time during the Drupal installation process. For our first few Drupal sites, we would download the .zip archive, extract it, and follow the installation screens… Read the Post

| Nathan Huening

Sprocket House Joins New Media Campaigns

The rumors are true! Sprocket Nathan has become New Media Nathan and I’m exceedingly pleased to merge my design studio and join the NMC team. Over the course of 6 years, my small team of designers, illustrators, and programmers focused on branding design and web development for lo… Read the Post

| Patrick Clarke

Building an Indeed Job Search Page

As part of launching Moore County's marketing and talent recruitment initiative we built out a simple job listing page.   The tool is being powered by a great API that Indeed provides. Indeed is a company that aggregates job postings from a large variety of sources and then makes… Read the Post

| Lenny Terenzi | 2 Comments

Community Fosters Creativity

Designers, developers, photographers. We are all creatives. It may be with pixels, pencils, php or photos but we all have to come up with solutions that sometimes take a few trips around the bend to reach the destination. In today’s world of working from home or the coffee shop or even… Read the Post

| Claire Atwell

The Value of a Blog for a Law Firm

For busy lawyers and legal professionals, consistently keeping the firm's website up-to-date with new content might not be at the top of the to-do list. A common misconception we hear from our law firm website design clients is that keeping up with a blog will be a time-consuming task w… Read the Post

| Todd Synan

Building a Feature Slider with Graphic Overlay

We recently launched a new website for Johnston UNC Healthcare featuring a slider on the home page. Including a slider is typical, but its design includes an arch graphic that overlays the slides. This arch posed a bit of a development challenge. Since the element containing t… Read the Post

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