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Team Building Through Screenprinting

Aside from meetings and and the occasional sketch on a whiteboard, it's pretty rare that our team works on something off-screen. So when Lenny Terenzi, one of our designers and owner of Hey Monkey Design, offered for us to do a screenprinting workshop at his studio, we couldn’t say no.… Read the Post

| Lisa Smith | 1 Comment

Our Favorite Helpful WordPress Plugins

Here at New Media Campaigns, we build client sites on a variety of Content Management Systems including Drupal, Craft, WordPress, and our very own HiFi. WordPress makes up a fairly large percentage of our work, due in large part to its ease of use for content entry, clients' familiarity with… Read the Post

| Shannon Thomann | 1 Comment

Our Early Review of Adobe Experience Design (XD)

At NMC we’re always on the lookout for new programs and tools to aid our design process. We all made the switch to Sketch a while back and we dabble in new prototyping tools every now and then. When Adobe released a preview download of Experience Design (XD), their new all-in-one UX de… Read the Post

| Niki Litts

Three Cheers for the Best Hopscotch Design Fest Yet!

You know it’s been a killer Hopscotch Design Festival when you pop out of bed at 6 am the next morning to hit the release valve on your brain. I had plans to spend my Saturday morning in pjs, on the couch while I leisurely reviewed my notes over a nice hot cup of coffee… nope! T… Read the Post

| Niki Litts

Gearing up for Hopscotch Design Fest 2016!

When was the last time you visited a website or used an app and felt something stir in your gut? Can you recall attending an art exhibit where a visual artist nailed the story of the wage gap in a single image? Or when you spent hours on a website because it told you the stories of millions… Read the Post

| Hallie Kennedy

Ethics in Legal Content Marketing

A few months back, I had the pleasure of attending the 2016 Law Tech Expo, an event put on by the Law Practice Management and Technology Section of the North Carolina Bar Association. All of the sessions on developments in legal technology and marketing were engaging and informative, but I w… Read the Post

| Alex Pomer | 1 Comment

Optimizing the Design Layout for Blog Posts

We recently helped our friends at Lawyers Mutual of North Carolina dramatically improve the performance of their blog content from a number of different metrics. Their blog is one of the primary drivers of visitors to the site, so any changes to better serve those visitors and… Read the Post