Creating an Attractive Site for an Experienced Data Solutions Firm

Zencos is a business intelligence consulting firm that works with clients to find personalized and affordable data solutions. Founded on a passion for problem solving, the company is well-equipped to tackle projects that involve anything from straightforward data visualization to building a complex fraud detection system.

Established in 2001, Zencos has grown rapidly over the past two decades. In this time, the firm has accumulated a roster of impressive clients along with local and national recognition for their work across industries.

Zencos approached NMC for a B2B website design that would communicate their strong sense of brand while increasing conversions and providing valuable information to potential clients. We brought this vision to life with a website that utilizes unique graphics, clear communication, and a contemporary design to emphasize Zencos’ expertise.

Building on a Distinctive Brand

The site’s look and feel largely builds on Zencos’ distinctive circle and dot logo. The abstract round shape appears throughout the site as a background texture, a frame for images, and a smaller icon button. Repetition of the motif brings continuity to the site that reinforces Zencos’ existing brand.

The site pages themselves use the logo as a jumping off point for a refreshingly modern design. This can be seen in the site’s use of Zencos’ signature blue and black color scheme, a streamlined sans serif typeface, and clearly defined dropdowns and blocks.

Client-Oriented Content

From the homepage onward, Zencos’ site is designed with clients in mind. Information about the firm and its service offerings is rich and easily accessible, and general questions about data and analytics are well answered by a robust Insights center and blog. And better yet, Zencos’ expertise is demonstrated by a series of Client Successes (case studies).

The site also features a significant amount of connected content that makes it even easier for visitors to find the information that they’re looking for.

A Strategic Approach to Conversion

The Zencos site encourages conversion with a fixed “Let’s Talk” button in the main navigation bar and a contact form in most pages’ footer. These are both effective ways to reach site visitors, but Zencos takes things a step further with their inclusion of specific “Why Work with Zencos” information on each Services page. These sections concisely lay out Zencos’ relevant experience and qualifications, offering a direct explanation of why the firm is a great choice for the project in question.

A Lasting Impression

Zencos’ new site brings a refreshed digital identity that matches nicely with the passion and enthusiasm of The Zencos Way. The site’s clean design and informative content are sure to attract new clients as Zencos continues to grow and scale their business.

To accommodate for future growth, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that allows in-house site administrators to add and update content whenever necessary. We’re excited to watch as Zencos uses their new platform to position their business for ongoing success.