Ward and Smith Law Firm

Ward and Smith, P.A. is a full service business law firm with five offices across North Carolina, more than eighty attorneys, and nearly thirty practice groups, from Agribusiness to Zoning. The Firm approached New Media Campaigns with some ideas about what it wanted out of a new law firm website design - mainly, an updated, more premium web experience featuring a simpler, more unified design that was more manageable and in line with today's web standards. NMC designed and developed the site, working closely with Ward and Smith to ensure the final product was exceptional. Along the way, NMC identified and addressed several key areas for improvement on the new site:

The previous site was slow, outdated, and difficult to navigate with multiple menus and inconsistent design conventions. Importantly, Ward and Smith didn't feel that the site catered to their premium target market. NMC redesigned the site to be more interactive, dynamic, and immersive, featuring clean lines, prominent headlines, and clear site navigation.

Old URLs were not optimized and the site structure had become sprawling and inefficient. The new site was developed with law firm search engine optimization in mind, improving the URL structure while optimizing and automating the SEO process.  Since launch, organic traffic has consistently grown by double digit percentages due to the great content created by the firm, the SEO best practices integrated into the site, and the ongoing relationship with NMC.

Both NMC and Ward and Smith are very pleased with the new site. It represents a large step forward for the firm and is an excellent example of the value we can provide at a reasonable cost. The firm had shopped around and received quotes from other prominent web design firms in addition to New Media. In the end, they chose to work with a company with law firm experience who focuses on creating custom and attractive solutions.

This project also represents a great symbiotic relationship between agency and client—the firm was open to our ideas and process, and we were careful to listen to their goals, implement the site according to their vision and providing them with a high level of service along the way. In the end, it was a great win-win relationship that resulted in a deceptively simple website that will serve the Firm well moving forward.