Pete for South Bend

The website looks really great and I've received a ton of compliments

Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Indiana recognized the need to embrace new media when it came to the upcoming election cycle. The campaign reached out to us after seeing the successful presences for the district’s congressman, Joe Donnelly.  New Media Campaigns partnered with the campaign to create a modern and effective website that would support Pete's initiative to bring a new wave of leadership to South Bend.

A Rhodes Scholar and graduate of Harvard University, Pete returned to South Bend so that he could give back to the town he grew up in.  The website highlights Buttigieg's achievements as well as explains his stance on various issues affecting South Bend. 

The website runs on our management system, HiFi, giving the campaign the ease and flexibility to regularly edit and update content. The campaign has so far used the CMS to output news, blog posts and issue stances, letting the site serve as a hub of information for potential voters.  Visitors to the site are encouraged to donate to the campaign, volunteer with the campaign, and connect with Pete on various social networking platforms.

Buttigieg's new site demonstrates the necessity of delivering a consistent campaign message. We were able to design the website in a way that easily integrates with other campaign materials and seamlessly carries the campaign online.  Working with the campaign team, we created a website that allows voters to stay involved with the campaign throughout the election cycle.