Our Work

Congressman Joe Donnelly from Indiana’s 2nd District recently won re-election in a very tight race. New Media served his campaign by building their campaign website and helping them with supporting online media around the race, including microsites.  The result was a robust online campaign that was able to engage voters across the web with relevant, targeted messages.

The site was built on NMC’s Content Management System, HiFi, giving the campaign full control over all of the content, which allowed the campaign to quickly make changes and additions to the site.  This ease of use proved quite important in a race that was decided by only a few thousand votes.  In order to prominently display his dedication and service to the constituents of the 2nd district, we featured images of the Congressman around the region and closely integrated social media into the site, allowing constituents the opportunity to easily engage the campaign.

New Media was able to create an exciting, engaging website that serves as an online campaign center for Joe Donnelly. The result was a victory in one of the most closely watched races in the nation, and we were happy to be a part of it.