Leyline Renewable Capital

A Standout Website for a Clean Energy Business

Based in Durham, NC, Leyline provides development-stage capital for projects that focus on key areas of renewable energy. The Leyline team brings together years of experience and a strategic approach to ensure that each investment serves the greater good in terms of environmental and social impact.

As Leyline built momentum, they decided that a new website would be an important part of distinguishing their work from the offerings of competitor firms. Working closely with the Leyline team, we designed a cutting edge digital presence that outlines their verticals and unique value with creative flair.

A Standout Look & Feel

As a whole, the new website is distinctly modern. The homepage sets the tone with smooth curved lines, on-trend dark backgrounds, and eye catching layered graphics. In addition to communicating Leyline’s sophisticated approach, these design elements also serve to challenge typical website expectations and reflect the firm’s desire to visually stand apart from others in the industry.

The core aesthetic is translated throughout the site by incorporating the same curves, colors, and sans serif typefaces that appear on the homepage. Interior pages like Verticals and Investments also further the site’s creative feel with custom icons and graphics that bring together unexpected combinations of photography and illustration.

Flexible Layouts

When it came to content, Leyline wanted the site to inform site visitors while simultaneously developing their story, goals, and mission. We facilitated this by creating diverse layouts that blend standard content with meaningful headlines, testimonials, and assertions about Leyline’s commitment to renewable energy.

The layouts are also designed to encourage browsing with user-friendly features. Buttons and links respond with dynamic hover effects, investments are easily filtered by vertical, and on-page forms make it easy for developers to connect with the Leyline team.

Scalable Technology

Knowing that Leyline plans to maximize future growth, we built the site on an adaptable WordPress base that will smoothly flex with the firm and their digital needs. The intuitive content management system allows admins to update content, swap images, add News items, and create entirely new layouts – all without the need for prior web experience or training.

We’re proud to have guided Leyline through this exciting digital refresh, and we’re looking forward to offering support as they continue to make the site their own.