Community Foundation of Lorain County

Connecting a Generous Community with Meaningful Causes

Founded with the goal of connecting community members to causes that they care about, the Community Foundation of Lorain County (Ohio) works throughout the area to support and develop philanthropy opportunities. The foundation has awarded over $100M in grants and scholarships since its founding, and in 2005, became the first United States community foundation to be certified as compliant with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

Since many of the foundation’s resources and applications are housed online, it became increasingly important for the organization to maintain an intuitive, up-to-date website. With that in mind, the Community Foundation approached us for a nonprofit website design that would organize a high volume of content within an attractive and modern design.

Polished Design

To capture the foundation’s mission and character, we designed a polished website that makes use of bright, recognizable colors, custom icons, high quality photography, and plenty of buttons that connect visitors to the content that they’re looking for.

On the homepage, design highlights include a filterable resource finder, bold calls-to-action, and a live social media integration. These features engage site visitors from the start and effectively set the tone for the rest of the website experience.

Interior pages carry through the design’s clean aesthetic with neatly structured layouts and well-defined content areas. Unique features like a collapsible FAQ section, an image-driven timeline, and popup staff bios set the site apart as particularly efficient and user-friendly.

Flexible Technology

Since the Community Foundation’s scholarship programs, grant opportunities, and events shift regularly, we made sure to build the site on an adaptable WordPress setup that would be able to accommodate new content and frequent updates. Using the intuitive content management system, site administrators can put together new layouts, upload photos and videos, and make any other changes to the site as necessary.

We look forward to offering ongoing support as the Community Foundation uses their updated website to further their mission and achieve new goals.