Aspen Global Change Institute

Creating a Scalable Online Hub for a Research Nonprofit

The Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI) is a substantial research nonprofit that focuses on global change – the interdisciplinary study of change that impacts climate, land, water, and ecosystems.

For more than 30 years, their work has centered on exploring global change, why it occurs, and what can be done to create a more sustainable world. AGCI regularly hosts workshops, sponsors research projects, organizes programming, and produces resources with the goal of advancing knowledge and uncovering sustainable solutions.

In 2021, AGCI came to us for a complete overhaul of their nonprofit website design. Their previous site had become dated and cumbersome to manage, so it was clear from the outset that the new site would need to prioritize user-experience while offering a fresh take on AGCI’s established brand.

After a highly collaborative process, we’re proud to share an inside look at the new The site is user-friendly, visually engaging, and optimized for a seamless experience – an ideal blend of attributes that elevates AGCI’s work and furthers their goals.

Highlighting News and Impact

The site’s homepage makes an immediate visual impact with high quality images and a layout that calls attention to key offerings. From here, users are able to jump into the site’s interior pages or continue scrolling through featured news, projects, and statistics. The design utilizes gradients and brand accents to create a cohesive look that flows throughout the site.