PHP Website Developer

We are seeking a smart, passionate full-time PHP website developer. Someone to help us build beautifully-designed, high-performance sites on a variety of PHP content management systems.

Development at NMC

At NMC, we build websites. We use a variety of platforms, ranging from Wordpress, to Craft, to Drupal and even our own in-house CMS called HiFi (now serving over 500 million pages/year!).

We have developed a reputation for outstanding technical work by being an agency that cares deeply about building things the right way. When we use a CMS, we understand it from the ground up. Every one of our sites is built with a fully custom theme and we use 3rd party plugins with discretion.

We can afford to take this approach by staying up-to-date on best practices as a team. Our work is version controlled, our machines are virtual and our provisioning is automated.

Position Specifics

There are many things that go into developing a good website, ranging from html/css expertise to front-end javascript programming, to backend programming. For this position, we are looking for someone that is comfortable working in a modern PHP environment and knows how websites work. We have a team of excellent frontend developers that can provide static markup and stylesheets that need to be hooked up to a CMS. Sometimes this is as straightforward as setting up custom fields, other times there may need to be some cool backend code put in place to make it all work.

Because the role is about websites we do expect some experience working with websites in the past. This ranges from things like HTTP, to performance optimization, to meta tags, to even html/css fundamentals. We have a team of experts here so you don't need to know everything but familiarity is a must.

The right person for the job could range from someone who has a strong html/css background and has built some sites to someone who has done PHP programming and wants to do more on the frontend.

We are looking for someone local. We care about what you can do, not your credentials or education.

NMC Values

At our core, we believe in being nice and doing the right thing. We have great team of decent people that care about each other and all want to do their best. That means pointing our clients in the right direction when they need it (even if that can be hard) and embracing their needs as our own. On the development side it means continuing to learn, improve and build upon our best practices. We also believe in sharing that with the world, whether it is through open source, teaching and hosting classes or even giving away free stickers.

NMC Benefits and Perks

  • Comprehensive medical, dental and disability benefits
  • A "take it as needed and please take it" vacation and leave policy
  • 401k with 4% company matching
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Ability to work from home / telecommute
  • Free Friday Company Lunches
  • Company provided workstation (We value performance and large monitors. Large.)
  • Company covered professional development through conferences, workshops, books, etc.

How to Apply

Send an email to