NMC Launches Website for Tar Heel Monthly

May 24, 2012

New Media Campaigns is proud to announce the recent launch of the Tar Heel Monthly website, yet another example of work NMC has done for UNC-related organizations.  Since NMC’s founders went to Carolina and as a whole the company is a pretty big fan, it is no surprise that the opportunity tweeted by Tar Heel Monthly to design their website in exchange for basketball tickets immediately sparked NMC’s interest. 

THM explained that they wanted to transform their current site into one that UNC fans visit frequently.  Although their magazine is a monthly publication, they wanted a site that targeted a daily audience.  Knowing that this would require maintaining a site with the latest information and fresh content, NMC designed the site with features that allowed THM to easily update it on a regular basis.  

The filterable news feed on the homepage offers diverse news from a variety of sources such as tweets from @TarHeelMonthly and UNC athletes.  This news feed also pulls from What We’re Reading, a news feed supported by a custom tool NMC built for THM to share articles they read on the web.  Whenever they come across a good article, THM can simply click the bookmarklet for the tool, add a short description, and click share.  We even decided to create one of our own!  THM can also frequently update their site with the THM Daily blog, which improves the site’s search engine optimization. 

The Gameday page is another cool feature NMC designed to tap into the hype surrounding the day of big games.  Not only can fans check out stories THM’s staff is reading on gameday, they can tweet with the hashtag #uncgameday to appear on the page and suggest questions for THM’s writers to ask players in post-game interviews.  By involving fans with social media and other interactive features, THM’s popularity will grow rapidly.

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