NMC Launches Website for Carolina Creates

August 30, 2012

New Media Campaigns recently launched a new website for Carolina Creates, a student organization at UNC that fosters creation through connecting different parts of UNC’s campus with similar interests.  With this mission in mind, the NMC team designed and developed an interactive, dynamic website on the content management system, HiFi, with several key customized features.  The website serves as a platform for sharing and discovering opportunities, ideas, and support.

The Discover page helps visitors find relevant information by entering keywords and selecting a category.  They can then filter their results by type of content.  A custom built CMS manages profiles for each result, allowing Carolina Creates to easily populate the site with a spreadsheet upload.  The profiles display images, image slideshows, videos, video slideshows, quotes and information.

Each student initiative found via the Crowd Funding page has its own profile as well, displaying a bar graph of the percent of funding aiding the specific initiative.  This feature allows potential donors to learn about the various initiatives and select one that they would like their donation to support, providing them with a more personal experience.

In addition, visitors can share and vote on new ideas for UNC’s campus on The UNC Ideas page.  NMC built this page on UserVoice with custom design to match the site and set up the Top Trending Ideas feed on the homepage to pull ideas from UserVoice’s API.

This site, highly organized and packed with information and resources, is sure to fuel discussion, generate new ideas, and develop a strong network of people to strengthen UNC’s campus as a whole.  NMC enjoyed working with Carolina Creates on such a cool, creative project and looks forward to seeing the organization grow.

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