Unveiling our New Case Study Format

January 25, 2012

We've always really liked the way the portfolio section of our website works.  Even though we've redesigned our site several times over the years, we've kept the same layout and functionality: a grid of thumbnails that can be filtered by category. This works well because it is easy for prospective clients to find work we've done that interests or is relevant to them. Additionally, the large body of work demonstrates our experience across a wide variety of projects.

Where it falls short is in showing the detailed approach we take to every project we do. To paint a clearer picture of the way we work on projects, we're now writing up some of them as case studies.  These give a better picture of our process and the thought that goes into each aspect of the site development process.  Additionally, each one contains a beautiful photo (thanks to @markitos57) of the website in action.

Ciao Italia

North Carolina's Southeast

Ward and Smith

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