Team Building Through Screenprinting

October 25, 2016

Aside from meetings and and the occasional sketch on a whiteboard, it's pretty rare that our team works on something off-screen. So when Lenny Terenzi, one of our designers and owner of Hey Monkey Design, offered for us to do a screenprinting workshop at his studio, we couldn’t say no. Team building and a chance to replenish our company t-shirt supply? Yes please!

Our team is a good mix of design lovers that have already screenprinted before, and those that want to run and hide when they hear the word “art”. Lenny did an awesome job walking both groups through the screenprinting process, answering our questions, while still making it all seem fun.

By the end of the day we all knew how to screenprint a shirt on our own, and walked away with some awesome new tees to give to new team members, family, and clients.

Want to do a screenprinting workshop for your own company or organization? Lenny offers several different printing events. Find out more info on them here.


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Hey! This is an awesome post. Love the photos. Looks like this was a fun day. Also, this is a test comment to test a recent deploy. Let me know if this works. Delete after confirm.

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