Prairie Capital Advisors

A Feature-Packed Website for a Financial Advisory Firm

Founded in 1996, Prairie Capital Advisors is an employee-owned financial advisory firm that helps middle-market companies navigate ownership transitions.

With core values of integrity, respect, teamwork, and passion, Prairie works closely with business owners to develop transition strategies that address key goals and potential challenges. They offer a range of services and have experience in a dozen diverse industries.

Prairie came to us for a B2B website design that would highlight their offerings and serve as a lead-generating tool. With these goals in mind, we created a new digital presence that incorporates a clear sitemap, helpful landing pages, engaging layouts, and thoughtful calls-to-action.

Clear Paths for Users

Drawing inspiration from Prairie's logo and branding, the site uses colors and shapes to guide users towards action pathways. The homepage features dedicated blocks that showcase core services, recent news, and importantly, a large contact form that serves as a functional call-to-action. The homepage also includes subtle animations that add a dynamic touch to the design.

10+ Custom Interior Templates

To frame the site’s content, we designed more than 10 custom interior templates that can flex based on the details for each page. These templates are used for specific types of content like individual services, individual industries, resources, and team members.

One of the most unique features of the site is the transactions listing page. This page shows Prairie’s digital deal tombstones in a filterable, easy-to-browse format. The tombstones existed on the previous site as images with embedded text – typically an SEO and accessibility no-no – so to replace them, we created a new tile layout that places the text and logos directly on the page. This approach provides a smoother user-experience and ensures that search engines can crawl and index the content.

Ongoing Design, Development & Strategy Support

Post-launch, we’ve continued to support Prairie by making adjustments to the site and monitoring initial performance. We’re looking forward to extending the relationship by providing ongoing design, development, and strategy services as Prairie grows the site and related marketing efforts.