NMC Develops B2B Healthcare Website to Address Specific Needs

June 10, 2011
B2B, Healthcare

eHealth Government Systems targets government stakeholder’s industry and media representatives to aid with health insurance and the uncertainty regarding healthcare reform legislation. 

They offer technology and infrastructure advice to help businesses and governments organize themselves to comply with foundational components required by all insurance exchanges.  eHealth, who has over ten years of experience, wanted a website that would be a content hub for healthcare news and demonstrate their expertise. 

Previously having a different website built by New Media Campaigns, eHealth again chose the Carrboro, NC based company to design and develop this site.  With agency partner PR20/20, NMC built the site with a great deal of features, each addressing particular client concerns.

To better communicate industry news the website now contains videos, a Resource Center announcing upcoming events, and a Media Room showcasing company news and press content.  These new capabilities better equip the site to be an information center for all things related to healthcare news.

Because there was no previous site, NMC had to custom design and develop eHealth’s new site from scratch.   In order to efficiently develop the site, we used our content management system, HiFi.  HiFi, which offers unlimited design capability, is a user-friendly CMS that allows administrators to easily customize content, without sacrificing flexibility or creativity.  The new website and CMS effectively allow eHealth be the center for healthcare news.   

The NMC team was happy to once again work with this client on yet another website.  NMC has created over 500 websites including politicalbusinessgovernmental and nonprofit websites. 

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