Fleet Feet Sports

Fleet Feet Sports, a large national retail supplier of running gear, chose New Media Campaigns to design and develop their corporate website and the websites of their franchises.  Having over 80 stores nationwide, Fleet Feet needed a website that would attract new business, both from customers and those interested in opening new franchises.  Fleet Feet is a company with a rich workplace environment who love what they do.  Not only does the company provide running equipment, but they also sponsor charity races, host training runs, and provide a community for runners to share their passion.  

NMC developed the website with a lively feel to match this passionate brand.  Vibrant blues and oranges complement the site’s clean design while encouraging customer engagement.  Intriguing fonts and a homepage image rotation also enhance the vibrant feel of the website.  A zip code search, custom built by NMC and powered by Google Maps API, allows visitors to easily find the nearest Fleet Feet. Visitors may also view a map of all the store locations nationwide.

Fleet Feet and NMC also worked together to design a website that would be franchise friendly. The website template is offered to all of the franchise businesses to use as their own website. This creates consistency in the growing, national brand and allows customers to become familiar with its culture.  Furthermore, NMC designed the Fleet Feet website to allow franchisees to easily login and download relevant company information, making the corporate website a hub of information for both customers and franchises.

Corporate Fleet Feet Sports was ecstatic with the final product.  In fact, at the next company convention they invited NMC’s Joel Sutherland and Clay Schossow to introduce the new website.  Fleet Feet was even  kind enough to hook-up Joel and Clay with some new running shoes. The franchisees were also excited about the template and more than 35 stores have signed on.   NMC was proud to work with such an excellent client on this incredible website.  

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