The Serving Cup

A Cheerful Website for a Raleigh Nonprofit

Founded in 2000, The Serving Cup is a Raleigh-based nonprofit that offers social activities, resources, and housing options for adults with special needs. In addition to providing these programs in North Carolina, the nonprofit also works as an advocacy group to share resources and knowledge with other organizations throughout the United States.

The Serving Cup came to us for a nonprofit website design that would clearly outline their programs and make it easy for site visitors to connect with their team. The resulting website accomplishes these goals with an intuitive navigation structure, informative content, and integrated calls-to-action that exist within a bright and welcoming design.

An Engaging Design

In order to allow The Serving Cup’s mission and programs to shine, we designed a clean and modern website that features custom icons, prominent action buttons, neat layouts, and the organization's cheerful brand colors.

The homepage grabs visitors’ attention right away with a dynamic animated masthead. Because The Serving Cup works towards multiple goals, we thought that the rotating slogan would be a great way to capture the multiple facets of what they do.

Interior pages continue to inform and engage by pairing content with high quality images and a fun accent pattern. Together with refreshing whitespace and sleek sans serif typefaces, the site’s interiors round out a design that does well to highlight The Serving Cup’s work with modern flair.

User-Oriented Features

The attractive designs are supported by features that make the site particularly user-friendly and intuitive. Some of our favorite elements include integrated testimonials that appear throughout the site, photo-based resident stories, and a stat carousel that outlines facts about people with developmental disabilities.

When site visitors are ready to connect with The Serving Cup (either to utilize their services, volunteer, or sign up for emails), the CTA-rich design ensures that they’re never far from a Contact button or form. By offering numerous opportunities to request emails or information, the site boosts conversion and helps to expand the organization’s network.

Built on WordPress

We built the site on a flexible WordPress base to ensure that admins can quickly update their content and manage all pages in-house. WordPress was a great fit for this project because of its easy-to-use content management system and scalable blocks-based setup.

Overall, we’re thrilled with the way that the site turned out, and we look forward to supporting The Serving Cup as they continue to utilize their new web presence to show off their important work in the community.