The American Association of Netherlandic Studies

The American Association of Netherlandic Studies (AANS) approached New Media Campaigns with the task of creating a new website that was both unique and organized their content well.  AANS, an organization that promotes the study of language, literature, and culture of the Dutch-speaking world, needed a site that was easier to update and more organized than their old site.  NMC was able to design a site for AANS that is both simple to manage and playful in appearance.

Though the site may house a large amount of academic content, NMC created a visual design that is full of bright colors and quirky custom illustrations.  A bright orange and yellow illustration depicting a playful twist on traditional Dutch architecture greets visitors on the homepage.  A similar illustration decorates each of the interior pages.  Quicklink buttons in the sidebar allows visitors to quickly jump to the ‘Membership Services’, ‘Newsletter’, and ‘Announcements’ pages. 

Standout features of the site include a membership registration page, a news page, a search tool, and the responsive site design.  Visitors can either establish or renew membership with AANS, and submit dues via Paypal on the membership services page.  All articles relating to the organization are published on the site’s news page so members can stay in the loop about AANS happenings.  Should a visitor still need help trying to track down what they need, they can use the site’s search engine tool. The entire site remains just as visually appealing and organized across smartphones, laptops, and tablets due to its responsive design.

AANS found it difficult to update and manage their old site. Thanks to the Hifi Content Management System, AANS can easily update and manage their site.