Tharrington Smith

Professionalism meets functionality with North Carolina's #1 Law firm's new website

Tharrington Smith is one of the best law firms in North Carolina. Their old website however, wasn't doing anything for them, so they approached New Media Campaigns to design a bigger and better website with a completely new look.

New Media drew inspiration from the intense passion that Tharrington has for their work and other ventures, like giving back to the community and supporting the arts. Each page offers a slideshow of the art the firm displays in their office and a section of their website is dedicated to highlighting their community work.

Each lawyer has depths of information about them as do the practice areas, including related articles, speeches, and much more. Potential clients can really get an idea of the firm as a whole and of each lawyer by navigating around the Tharrington Smith website. The firm has also shown a dedication to scaling the site out through blogging and utilizing social media.

New Media was impressed with the dedication and drive Tharrington brought to the table when creating the website and updating it to current web standards. Now clients have access to more information about the firm, their practice areas, and a number of helpful resources, all in an appealing and easily navigable new website.