St. Clair EDA

The Economic Development Alliance (EDA) of St. Clair County is a non-profit development agency that works to stimulate the economy and drive job growth and investment. Liaison Design Group and New Media Campaigns worked together to create a clean, user-friendly website that conveys all of the many ways that the St. Clair EDA is serving the Blue Water Area.

The area itself is incredible; with a waterfront over 50 miles long, St. Clair County is home to amazing imagery. Pictures of its lakes, rivers, farmlands, and forests offer viewers a taste of the beautiful nature in Michigan, while images of activities like the Blue Water Festival--a five-day celebration of sailboat racing--provide a glimpse into signature community events. To highlight all of these images, the EDA website has a customizable banner image at the top of each page.

In its mission to stimulate and grow the economy of St. Clair County, the EDA works to attract new businesses to the area. Because testimonials are an important selling point for the area, the site displays a new testimonial in the sidebar of the page on every page load.

Another service provided by the St. Clair EDA is assistance in finding the perfect location for a business. The EDA wanted to be able to elegantly display featured available properties in the area, so NMC put together a custom grid layout in which each column is controlled through a custom field in the HiFi Content Management System. Website viewers can easily see the name of a property along with its image, location, type, size, price, and any incentives associated with it. 

EDA's public and private investors provide extremely important support for the agency, allowing it to assist local businesses and offer services in the business community. Investments make it possible for the EDA to attract new businesses to the area, provide existing businesses with new opportunities, and to stimulate the economy. Because of their crucial role in the work of the EDA, investors are highlighted on the website with a scrolling feed of investor logos at the bottom of the homepage.