Ralston Lapp Media

Ralston Lapp Media is a political media firm that uses strategy and creativity to tell their clients’ stories, primarily through videos and commercials. The firm approached NMC in the hopes of creating a website that showcased their fantastic work while being visually captivating and accessible across multiple devices. NMC was able to design a site that did just this and Ralston Lapp now has a beautiful site that potential clients won’t be able to stop exploring.

The home page features a sweeping photo carousel that cycles through automatically and showcases the agency’s standout achievements. A bold tagline announcing ‘WE TELL YOUR STORY’ sits against images of President Barack Obama and various political commercial shoots as they rotate through.

While there’s a menu across the top of the homepage, visitors can see the most important information by simply scrolling down. This is particularly useful for the mobile version of the site.  One of the site's standout features is its responsive design.  Whether the site is visited on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it remains visually captivating and intuitive to use. When visiting from a smartphone, for example, the user may simply use a ‘Give us a call’ button on the homepage instead of having to search around the site for contact information.

 Because Ralston Lapp Media works primarily with videos, showcasing the firm’s work meant featuring a portfolio that displayed video content in the most flattering way possible.  A clean, organized grid serves as the portfolio’s directory under ‘Our Work’.  All of the videos are hosted on Vimeo and may be easily inserted into the site with a simple link on the Hifi content management system.  Another feature that helps to showcase Ralston Lapp Media’s past work is the randomized rotation of testimonial quotes that appear on the sidebar of each page.