Parenting isn't easy. When it comes to your newborn child, many expecting parents want access to the most up to date and accurate information catered to their child's needs. Why rely on generic information from the Internet when you can have a consultant on call 24/7?

Recently we had the opportunity to unveil the new website for the startup, Pacify, a mobile app that helps give parents “peace of mind” by delivering on-demand advice and consultation specific to a child’s needs. New parents are constantly looking for expert advice regarding their newborn children and answers to specific questions from trained professionals and experts.

Pacify uses a network of nurses, dietitians, and lactation consultants to answer any concern an expecting parent may have about the health of their child. Instead of relying on general information provided by unreliable websites, parents can ask certified specialists directly, whenever they want! The mobile app caters to the needs and concerns of the parent, allowing each user to choose which expert they would like to direct their inquiry towards.

We built the new site for Pacify focused specifically on the app itself, debuting later this year, providing content that explains usage and highlights many of its user-friendly features through a mobile device. The site is easily navigable, providing everything you need to know about Pacify by scrolling through the homepage. Designed to accurately show all of the features of the app, the site provides examples of different screens and options from the Pacify app.

The goal of the website was to succinctly and positively communicate the value of a subscription with Pacify. We wanted to create a website that was both welcoming and bright, emotions echoed in every new and expecting parent. In order to have the site reflect the mission of Pacify, “Peace of mind for parents,” we wanted to communicate to users a sense of security and ensure the quality around caring for children.

Pacify is a great tool for any new parent who wants reassurance in the care and wellness of their newborn. Connecting parents with the advice they need, when they need it, Pacify’s specialists have years of experience in newborn care and are reviewed by the quality of advice they give through a star review system that allows users to see feedback and credentials for each provider. Users can even have one-on-one video chat conversations with experts for the best responses and advice.

Through both a Facebook and Google ad campaign we prompted visitors to share Pacify with new parents and families as a gift or to try it themselves. The website provides visitors the option to sign up to “become a Pacify Alpha Parent” or to “Give the gift of peace of mind”. In order to make this easy for visitors we installed two distinct landing page sign-ups on the site: one for people who were willing and interested in piloting the product once available later on this summer, and another for people who wanted to give Pacify to an expecting or new parent friend.

A startup on its way into the real world, Pacify’s new site helps establish the app and brand focused primarily on the needs of new parents.