OXCO, a North Carolina business that specializes in nonwoven fabrics, approached New Media Campaigns for their website design and development. The NMC team was excited to create a site revolving around such an interesting product, as well as to work with a company based in nearby Charlotte, NC.

OXCO offers products ranging from composites to laminates, and they also work with customers to create custom developed products. For such a niche audience, NMC delivered a site that showcases the company’s products, services, and commitment to quality, with individual pages devoted to showcasing each of the products that OXCO offers.

For the website, OXCO asked for a clean layout that made getting in touch and filling out a product request form incredibly easy for website visitors. NMC created a simple, straightforward, and streamlined “Product Request” page that allows potential customers to quickly provide their contact information as well as all relevant information about the product that they are requesting. The “Contact” page is equally user friendly, making it easy for viewers to access all of the company’s contact information, and both the “Product Request” and “Contact” pages are featured in the main menu.

The resulting website has a simple color scheme and an incredibly clean design that allow viewers to easily get the information they need. NMC also ensured that the site is easily viewed on any kind of device, so that potential customers will find the website user-friendly whether they are on a computer, phone, or tablet.