NCSU Outreach and Engagement

Being a well-established organization of higher education, North Carolina State University already had a prominent and well-organized presence. Therefore, their office of Outreach and Engagement demanded a website that was equally well-designed and organized.  The office of Outreach and Engagement is responsible for developing an fostering meaningful collaborations between the university and the world beyond their campus.  The office reached out to NMC to create this brand new site because of our previous work with the NC State Industrial Extension Service. NMC designed a site that was visually appealing, supremely useful, and consistent with the NC State brand.

The site's bold design is outfitted with large feature photos, an intuitive layout, and NC State's signature red accents.  The homepage greets visitors with a full-size photo feature that rotates through automatically to showcase the office's initiatives and projects.  The bright red, dark gray, and white theme colors don't detract from the most important content of the site: information about programs carried out by the office of Outreach and Engagement.

One of the most impressive features on the site is the 'Advanced Search' tool.  This allows visitors to search through hundreds of available programs based on Keyword, Audience, Topic, or Location.  When a visitor goes to one of the program pages, they are shown a summary of the program and are prompted to both learn more about the program and reach out to the program through a contact form call to action in the right-hand sidebar.  Once a visitor finds a program that is interesting to them, they may learn more by looking a program profile including an in-depth description, link to the parent organization's website, and map with the office's location.

This site stands with others that NMC has worked on for NC State as well as a number of other educational institutions.