Mark Herring

We were proud to work with Herring's wonderful team from start to finish.  We originally designed a splash page before completing the full campaign website.  Additionally, we placed online ads to support the campaign's initial announcement and get a nice online bounce. We continued supporting the campaign through the race and recount process, creating custom splash pages and landing pages to win signups and donations. It was a great team effort that never slowed down, and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.

We're always excited when any of our political campaign websites helps get someone elected, but this one will certainly hold a special place as it's the closest statewide election we have been a part of. Typically, the morning after election night brings a lot of closure for our team. After spending months, and sometimes years, working with our clients, we're able to see who won and who lost, offer congrats and consolation, and plan next steps for their website and overall online campaign. This election was distinctly different as the Virginia Attorney General's race remained too close to call on November 6th and wouldn't have an official result for over six weeks.

Mark Herring is officially the next Attorney General of Virginia, in what is now the closest statewide election in VA's history. Herring won by 907 votes.

It was wonderful to work with the Herring team and to build such a great campaign site.