Mack Sumner

The Mack Sumner Communications website represents a collaborative effort between sharp client design and powerful construction by New Media Campaigns. With nearly every page created in a custom layout, the site is as individual as its company.  A political strategy firm with a specialization in creative design, Mark Sumner Communications drew up a design for their dream site and New Media Campaigns built it out on the Hifi Content Management System.  The resulting site boasts crisp, standout visuals, features that make connecting with the firm effortless, and an overall experience that announces, “We’re Mark Sumner Communications, we know what we’re doing, and we look good while we do it. Get to know us!”

The main goals of this site were to highlight their past work in a visually-appealing manner and to make finding and reaching out to Mark Sumner Communications incredibly easy once they liked what they saw.  On the Work page, the firm’s portfolio highlights are presented in vivid blocks of photos. Descriptions of each project slide up as visitors roll over the photo of their choice so unnecessary clicking and navigation is avoided.  Projects, such as their work as the lead mail consultants for President Obama in two battleground states, are showcased here with striking photos of their designs. Past projects for national and congressional candidates, labor unions, non-profit organizations and other clients can also be found in this digital portfolio.

Another particularly interactive page is the Team page. Again, rollover titles are featured so visitors are presented with a grid of inviting photos but can quickly learn team member’s names with the swipe of their mouse.  Reaching out to Mark Sumner Communications could not be simpler.  The Contact page is dominated by a large map presenting the office’s location, with a message inviting visitors to “stop by and say hi” and a link that takes them directly to Google maps.

The Hifi Content Management System will allow Mark Sumner Communications to update their new site easily and as needed–an essential feature for a political strategy firm with an ever-evolving portfolio.  This system will ensure Mark Sumner Communications can focus on delivering successful results for their clients instead of maintaining their custom website. This site joins NMC's extensive portfolio of political websites.