Ken Biberaj for City Council

Ken Biberaj’s campaign recently came to New Media Campaigns in need of a unique site to support the candidate’s campaign for City Council in New York City on the Upper West Side.  The campaign felt it was particularly important for the website to stand out since this was Biberaj’s first political race.  With this in mind, NMC’s designers created a modern, sophisticated site in line with the candidate’s rich history and fresh approach to politics. 

Clean lines, sleek greys, and large photographs displayed in the header and footer area give the site that sharp, modern feel.  Three tabs displayed across the middle of every page glide up the screen when clicked.  Each tab features a call to action, encouraging visitors to invite Ken for coffee, share their thoughts, and contribute to the campaign with a donation. 

Developed on NMC’s very own CMS, HiFi, the site hosts a variety of features to engage supporters.  The “People on Ken” section cycles through testimonials submitted by supporters and a link connects visitors to the full collection.  The “Ken on Film” section on the homepage automatically feeds in the latest updates from the candidate’s YouTube and Flickr accounts.  The site's integration with social media goes beyond that with the homepage Twitter feed and Facebook display of users who have "liked" the campaign.  

New Media Campaigns, experienced in developing many unique political campaign websites, is confident this innovative site will aid Ken Biberaj’s campaign in the upcoming election and is proud to add this project to NMC’s diverse portfolio of work.