Emerald Cities Collaborative

"Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work on our BEAUTIFUL and FUNCTIONAL website!" -Taylor Campbell, Emerald Cities Collaborative

Based in Washington, DC, Emerald Cities Collaborative is a network of non-profit organizations that aims to convert metropolitan areas to green environments. Among the objectives of ECC are to facilitate the shift towards making American cities more energy efficient, and to support the growth of jobs in the green sector.

Emerald City Collaborative approached New Media Campaigns with the tasks of moving their site to a more user-friendly content management system, and updating their website, while maintaining the layout and general feel of their previous website. New Media Campaigns accomplished both of these objectives by designing and coding a website for ECC on HiFi, and featuring bold images and the shades of green that are associated with the company’s logo throughout the new design.

The website allows each of the 10 cities that are included in the Emerald City network to have separate pages that highlight each city’s news and events. New Media Campaigns configured the site so that the directors from each location can add and edit content pertaining to their respective city. New Media Campaigns has also created a media page for ECC that compiles the news, Twitter updates and Flickr photos from ECC and each of its 10 cities.