Edmisten, Webb & Moore

Looking to create a destination for people to learn about their work, Raleigh-based law firm, Edmisten, Webb & Moore approached New Media Campaigns to develop a website that would meet their evolving needs. 

EW&M was undergoing a rebranding and needed an elegant, clean site to reflect their new direction. As a law firm and a government relations firm, the website communicates multiple missions without overwhelming visitors.

The homepage greets visitors with a main media rotation featuring scenes from the city, as well as inviting them to learn more about the firm or immediately initiate contact.

The website features sections to learn about each lawyer within the firm as well as what clients they have worked with. Another section important to the firm was the community section, highlighting their involvement with charities in the surrounding community.

Overall, Edmisten, Webb & Moore website is a great example of how law firms can provide constituents with valuable information online without being overly complicated. The simple, clean design allows EW&M to effectively communicate with visitors and the site as a whole delivers what they need for their rebranding.