Children's Mental Health Network

The Children’s Mental Health Network is a partnership between communities, practitioners, families, and individuals seeking to learn and share information regarding children’s mental health issues.  It seeks to create a community for those affected by or involved with children’s mental health.   The CMHN came to NMC looking for a website that could accomplish two tasks.  The site needed to attract new people to their cause while building an online community for those affected by the illness. 

NMC was able to design and develop a custom website built around addressing these needs.  First, NMC lead a rebranding effort which resulted in the new CMHN logo .  The layered effect symbolizes the different layers of mental health.  Managed by HiFi, NMC’s own content management system, the new site has an arsenal of features to attract attention.  An advocacy center allows visitors to easily tweet or email their legislators with a pre-written message concerning children’s mental health issues.  In addition, action alerts encourage visitors to easily share new updates and events with their friends. 

Website visitors can easily find the nearest mental health group and read information about it through an interactive map built by NMC.  The site also offers numerous resources that visitors can categorize and download to help them learn about the illness.  In order to create the feeling of a community, the new site features exclusive web groups that allow members to login and communicate with each other.  Group administers can publish new information to the entire group, updating members about group news, functions, and events.