Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation

A Polished Update for a Local Nonprofit

Driven by the clear mission of supporting and bettering public education, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation works tirelessly to provide programming, grants, and opportunities to the district’s thousands of students and deserving teachers. Over the course of its three-plus decades of operation, the nonprofit has distributed an impressive $10,000,000 to initiatives and projects that would not have been possible otherwise.

Our relationship with PSF dates back to 2010, when we designed and developed the organization’s very first independent web presence. A decade later, we were lucky to work with the group again on a fully refreshed nonprofit website design that showcases their wide-ranging impact and robust selection of resources.

Mission-Driven Design

Throughout the site, each design element plays a specific role in supporting PSF’s mission and goals. On the homepage, this can be seen in the prominently featured mission statement, direct links to action items, a graphic statistic bar, and other features that clearly outline the nonprofit’s work in the community.

Interior pages continue to highlight PSF’s mission with focused content, high-quality images of classroom scenes, and a video that explores the day-to-day impact of a particular PSF program.

Intuitive Structure & Navigation

In addition to refreshing the site’s look and feel, we took this opportunity to work with PSF to restructure their content and refine the site’s organization. After years of adding and adjusting site pages, the old platform had become a little unwieldy and confusing for visitors to navigate.

To make things easy, we divided the content into the core sections that appear in the site’s top navigation bar. This way, teachers, students, and community supporters know exactly where to go to find the information that they’re looking for. Additionally, we created an in-depth Grants page to house details, deadlines, and applications for PSF’s collection of funding opportunities. 

Scalable Technology

We built the site on a flexible WordPress setup that will allow administrators to create custom layouts and update content as needed. And thanks to the adaptable technology, the site will smoothly scale with PSF should they expand their programming or grow significantly.

We’ve loved working with PSF over the past ten years, and we’re looking forward to supporting their digital efforts for decades to come!