Boeing Beyond Earth

Boeing is one of the most pioneering and innovative companies in the world.  While many people solely associate the company with its commercial airlines business, it also has an inventive division that focuses on space exploration.  With the budget cuts to NASA and declining public interest in space exploration, Boeing partnered with NMC to promote the value of space travel, its benefits to mankind, and Boeing's work in the industry.  The resulting brand and online campaign is Boeing's Beyond Earth.

The purpose of the site is to engage visitors with compelling content about the work of Boeing and others to help man explore space.  While Boeing is the sponsor of the site -- the focus is on the overall benefits of space travel and lets the brand take somewhat of a backseat.  

Additionally, with the increased STEM Education in America, a large portion of the site is devoted to students and teachers.  The site makes available free resources, including interactive games, lesson plans, and videos for educators to engage students.  The site also features robust multimedia and news sections that allow visitors to filter based on their desired topics of interest.

Beyond Earth is an ongoing campaign with additional online elements built to support Boeing's efforts.  Online ads were used to promote the launch of the site and drive initial attention from media and target audiences.  Boeing also uses the site to host topical campaigns such as a live chat with an astronaut or conversion-focused landing pages about government funding decisions.  The site and associated campaigns have continued to grow over the past years to support the evolving debate around the topic.

A campaign promoting such a forward-thinking topic deserved a site that was also progressive in design and development.  The design smartly incorporates elements of space and exploration to give the site a unique feel that distinguishes it from peers.  The site is responsive, making it optimized for visitors on tablets, phones, and smaller laptops.  

Post-launch, NMC has worked closely with Boeing to continue strategizing on how to best promote and leverage the site to ensure as many people as possible understand the importance of this issue.