Arts Academy of Estrella Mountain

Arts Academy of Estrella Mountain is an arts charter school in Arizona. The school strives to teach students valuable life skills and upstanding values like honesty, respect, kindness, and civic responsibility through drama, music, and dance. Ultimately, AAEM wants to instill a desire in students to become life-long learners empowered with the ability to have a positive effect on the global community.

AAEM's site provides all of the information and resources that students, parents, and the general community could possibly need while also showcasing the school's values. New Media Campaigns created a bright, colorful design with useful features for AAEM. The vivid purple site includes features such as an event calendar, a news feed, and a tool that translates content to Spanish.

An event calendar linked on the homepage and throughout the site allows visitors to keep track of upcoming breaks, performances, sporting events, etc. for all grade levels. The calendar is easily updated using the Hifi Content Management System. There is also a rotating news feed that highlights recent AAEM stories on the homepage. Because the school's community is home to a significant Hispanic population, every page on the site has been enabled with translation tools so it may be read in both English and Spanish. A quicklinks sidebar can be found on each interior page allowing visitors to easily jump to important information like school forms, the lunch menu, and uniform information.

The AAEM site acts as a valuable online resource, and it provides visitors with a fun, vivid navigating experience.