Ann Callis

New Media Campaigns launched a site for Ann Callis, a candidate to represent Illinois’ 13th congressional district in 2014. Callis is experienced in working to make communities safe, having served as a judge for 18 years. She’s initiated change in the court system to ensure justice, save taxpayers money, and increase transparency.

The campaign team wanted a fresh take on the typical campaign site that was simple to use and engaging. NMC used a homepage feature that allows people to easily navigate the site—from the campaign’s social media to Callis’ bio—without ever leaving the homepage.

Callis aims to return justice to middle-class families through a variety of initiatives. To emphasize the fresh perspective she’ll bring to congress, NMC used bright, vibrant colors on the site. The site’s background image of the district reminds people of their community and the importance that it is well represented.

Visitors can easily support Callis with the “John the Campaign” and “Donate Now” options featured on every page of the site, letting them enter their contact information or the desired donation amount in a convenient manner.