Fifty by Forty (50by40)

A Sophisticated Website for a Goal-Driven Nonprofit

Collaborating closely with a network of partners around the world, 50by40 is a passionate nonprofit that works to reduce the consumption of farmed animal products 50% by the year 2040. The nonprofit provides support for working groups, events, and grants all in pursuit of their ultimate “50by40” goal.

As their mission gained traction and momentum, 50by40 quickly realized that a polished website would play an important role in attracting new partners and educating the public about their work. Their previous website was no longer meeting their needs, so they approached NMC for a nonprofit website design that would better showcase key initiatives and information about the cause.

A Global Relationship

Here at NMC, we often discuss our work with clients near and far – and we really mean it. 50by40 is a global nonprofit with team members around the globe, including India, Australia, South Africa, Germany, America, and more, making this a truly virtual effort where we leaned on email, video conferencing, and other digital solutions to ensure that we were able to work as closely with 50by40 staff across time zones around the world. Thanks to the magic of these technologies, we were able to easily exchange feedback, notes, and ideas throughout the design and development process.

Detail-Oriented Design

The site’s design is largely inspired by 50by40’s existing logo and brand colors. We brought in custom icons that build on the logo’s leaf motif, modern sans serif typefaces that mimic the hard edges and lines, and bold shades of green that seamlessly connect with 50by40’s recognizable visual identity. Together, these elements build a sophisticated web presence that does well to reflect 50by40’s professionalism and passion.

The homepage sets the tone for the rest of the site. Highlights include strong section headings, engaging interactive sliders, a photo carousel hero, and the custom icons that we mentioned above. These icons appear throughout the site as a reminder of 50by40’s seven core principles.

Interior pages maintain the look and feel by incorporating additional imagery, eye-catching featured statements, and thoughtful additions like social share buttons and hover effects for clickable buttons and links.

Thoughtful Content

In addition to looking great, the designs efficiently frame the site’s helpful content and resources. Site visitors can consult pages like Why 50by40, Our Network and Vision and Mission to get a better idea of the nonprofit’s goals and desired impact. Our Network even includes a handy filter that allows visitors to sort partners by their focus area.

Even more details can be found on 50by40’s blog and the individual pages for each working group.

Built to Scale

With the knowledge that 50by40 plans to continue expanding their network and efforts, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that will scale smoothly over time.

To streamline the process for creating new layouts, we made sure that each page consists of custom blocks that can be added and reordered in the user-friendly content management system. Along with basic elements like images and paragraph text, block options include a variety of calls-to-action, a testimonial slider, split content, featured content, and multi-column arrangements. The block setup is a powerful tool that will allow the 50by50 team to grow the site while maintaining complete design consistency with our original vision.

All things considered, 50by40’s new site is a major upgrade from the basic platform that they had been using before. We love how it captures the energetic, modern feel that the cause deserves, and we’re looking forward to supporting 50by40 as they continue to make the site their own.