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Website Development

When we make web sites, we start from a few simple principles. A web site should be:

  • Fast to load and respond
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to manage and update
  • Adaptive to any size screen or device
  • Built with the most modern technologies

These are the key elements necessary for your visitors to have a great experience on your site. We prioritize not only speed but ease of use and mobile web site development for each project -- we'll include a mobile version of your site for no extra development fee. By ensuring your site loads quickly, is optimized according to Google’s published search engine best practices, uses clear URL and link structures, leverages modern development technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript, your organization succeeds on the web.

But no modern web project is complete without a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the content publishing and updating process. We’re equally comfortable with a number of industry standard CMS’s so if you need one in particular, we’re happy to build your site with it. In our portfolio, you’ll find WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, and HiFi sites that have all been coded specifically to match the site's information structure and publishing needs.

In addition to what these systems include out of the box, we also extend them with the custom features you need and integrate them with third-party software vendors. Examples of custom features include interactive graphics and maps, password protected areas of the site, user-generated form submissions, searchable databases, and affiliate-managed site sections. Examples of third-party integrations include popular non-profit donation tools, CRM & donor management software, marketing automation platforms, email newsletter software, inventory & fulfillment systems, and more.

Our process shows you results quickly: you’ll see the site as its developed on our secure test server as soon as possible, allowing you to provide feedback and become accustomed to the new site early in the process. This reduces training time for your team as you get experience during the build-out while we work to make managing your site’s content management intuitive and easy. You’ll also be able to see how the site performs across devices and platforms.

Making great digital products is fun for us: combining our love of technology with the pleasure of delighting our clients makes for successful web sites. Let us know how we can make your web life easier.