Upfront Strategy

We will custom design the site based on conversations about your high-level goals and strategy for the site. During this stage, we’ll discuss what you would consider metrics of success for the site (e.g. email signups, social shares of content, donations, etc.), the overall information hierarchy, design motivation, and more.

To tease out these elements, we will work with your team to complete our Creative Brief, which both helps to spell out your goals and also provides information on the type of design feel and theme you’d like to see the site express to the public.

We'll provide you a Creative Brief template upfront to work on, and then in a joint meeting, we'll collaboratively review, discuss, and revise the document. We'll also work together through a competitive review of peer organizations, other environmental advocacy groups and non-profits, and leaders on the web to set perspective on what other groups are doing on the web and how it can work for you. We will then present a consolidated version of the Creative Brief with everyone's feedback incorporated and this document will act as the foundation for moving forward.

Paired with the Brief and methods above, NMC will also lean heavily on the current site's analytics to get a clear understanding of how visitors are using and arriving at the site. Analytics give us an unbiased view into what content is working and what content is coming up short.

NMC will lead the discovery portion to minimize resources and time needed from you. NMC’s team has significant experience in helping organizations navigate these important early steps to make sure the project is setup for success. Our Strategists and Project Managers are experienced in conducting and guiding creative feedback discussions and turning it into actionable direction to make the site beautiful and engaging.

Upfront Strategy Capabilities:

Discovery Work

Working to understand you, your target audiences, their individual conversions, your goals, and more and synthesizing it into guiding document

Analytics Research

Using our own tools and leveraging your own analytics, we can benchmark your site against peers and find opportunities for digital growth

Information Architecture

Planning the navigation, content organization, and site structure focused on easy and intuitive conversion paths for visitors

UX Design

Building a strong foundation for design work by wireframing layouts based on UX best practices, content realities, and organizational goals

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