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Mobile App Development

A successful mobile app puts your brand's experience into the hands of your customer wherever they happen to be at any moment.  Our team has worked on a variety of mobile apps, including building the first mobile app for EpiPen to help parents build and manage allergy profiles and prescriptions for their children.  

The decision to build a native mobile app over a responsive web application is an important one, and our team will help you think through the pros and cons of each route.  Once it's decided to build a native mobile app, we'll work closely with you to identify the core features of the application and how to build them in a manner that most effectively leverages the native features and powerful data harnessed in your target's phones.

Our designers have significant experience designing mobile interfaces, putting a priority on masking the potential complexity of different features and making it extremely intuitive for users to use the app.  Before beginning to actually build the app, we will work closely with your team to develop a complete specifications document on the features included in the app, necessary integrations, and desired features.

Our team has built apps natively straight into iOS and Android and we have also built apps by using technologies like PhoneGap to convert a web app into a native app.  Each has their own advantages and based on your goals, we'll make a recommendation for the most effective way to build your project.  We'll work with you from original concept through app store approval to make sure that your project meets your goals and can be downloaded by your target.

For more details on our experience with mobile apps, questions about our process, or wanting to get a quote for your own, get in touch.