Our Work

UNC's Geology Department contacted us with a dilemma. They had tons of beautiful, high-resolution imagery that highlighted the department’s focus, but their website was almost completely text-based and they did not have a Content Management System through which they could easily add the images to their site. 

They knew that New Media Campaigns had worked in the past with university clients, specifically those at UNC, and hosting the website on the UNC server was a priority for them. We were a great fit to give them the design and flexibility they needed and also ensure they adhered to University standards. 

The homepage of the Geology Department’s website was specifically designed to take advantage of the department’s collection of images in order to capture the essence of geology as a subject matter. Each time a visitor comes to the site, a different image displays, giving the site a constantly evolving feel. The sidebar of each interior page also displays a geology-related image with an educational caption so that readers can learn about the subject as they move through the site. 

The department wanted to ensure that visitors cold easily jump from one area of the site to another in as few clicks as possible. A clean, multi-level navigation was crucial to give site visitors the mobility the department needed.

We really enjoy working with organizations in the area and because of many members of our team's Chapel Hill background, working with UNC was especially rewarding.