Our Work

CloudSwitch, a cloud computing company, approached us looking for a site that exuded modernism and matched the company's style. We delivered a site that not only met their needs but one that could scale over time as their product and company grew.

A venture backed startup, CloudSwitch utilizes their website as a central hub of information that potential customers could visit to learn more about their software appliance. The website includes Lightbox integrated video, as well as a wide array of other resources targeted to potential clients.

Through our content management system CloudSwitch is able to easily integrate demo videos, media coverage, and a company blog. Our CMS gives the company the flexibility to add and update information as they see fit without complicating management.

As their first website, www.cloudswitch.com provides customers with an easily navigable site that entices them to learn more while also keeping management simple and effective for the company. CloudSwitch was launched to Amazon servers "in the cloud" and the company continues to grow its client base and expand its reach within the industry.