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Ohio Political Action Committee Launches Website To Reach Voters

Committee turns to New Media Campaigns to publicize health and human services issue

Carrboro, N.C.-New Media Campaigns, a full service, North Carolina web design firm, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Web site for advocates of Cuyahoga County, Ohio's Issue 15.

Issue 15, known as the Health and Human Services Issue, aims to help the more than 200,000 people served by the county's health services each year. According to the Cuyahoga County Action Committee, these services could be limited by recent and upcoming budget cuts if voters do not support Issue 15. Passing the issue would both help the county to avoid more health and human services budget cuts and allow it to better serve residents in need. Programs that Cuyahoga County Health and Human Services support include protection for abused and neglected children, meal delivery and financial counseling for seniors, and emergency services for all residents at MetroHealth Medical Center. The center operates Northeast Ohio's only Level One trauma center, a severe burn center, and a poison control center.

To reach voters and educate them about Issue 15, the County Action Committee turned to New Media Campaigns. The firm developed a comprehensive Web site that includes fact sheets, news updates, endorsements, volunteer and donation information and links to additional reading about health and human services.

"It was a pleasure to work with the Cuyahoga County Action Committee to help it expand its online presence," said Clay Schossow, New Media Campaigns' project manager. "The services that Issue 15 seeks to protect are ones that offer residents aid and security in difficult circumstances, and we are proud to help Ohio voters learn more about these important services."

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