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NMC Launches Website for NC Financial Advisor Network

New Media Campaigns is happy to announce the launch of the new website for The Wealth Group, a financial advisory firm with offices across North Carolina.

NMC implemented the design done by partner Dale Design to create an elegant yet simple website.  The site's key features are emphasized with bright colors, which make them pop off the cool-grey background.  Such features include links to financial calculators and current stock quotes.

The site serves a dual purpose in that there are separate logins for financial advisors and clients.  This enables The Wealth Group to use its new website as a central point for all business and prevents having to create a cumbersome secondary site for employees. 

A secure member login area encourages clients to seek the best financial advice and resources in a clear and organized manor. This also allows The Wealth Group to easily communicate with its clients and inform them of any updates or company news. 

The new site, which links to the company’s portfolio accounts among many other features, is powered by NMC’s content management system, HiFi.  HiFi provides for easy and efficient website management  with the flexibility for unlimited custom design.   The Wealth Group can now quickly add a news event or update financial advice without difficulty.

NMC, located in Carrboro, NC, has designed and developed more than 500 websites for politicians, businesses, governments and non-profits.  The NMC team was excited to have worked with The Wealth Group in developing a website that will improve its web presence and attract new business.