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NMC Launches Website for Know + Love

New Media Campaigns recently launched the site for Know + Love, a project of the ACLU of North Carolina Legal Foundation and Equality NC Foundation.  In efforts to raise awareness and increase support for the equal rights for gays and lesbians, these non-profit organizations wanted to encourage families to share their stories. 

The project is centered on the belief that conversations with people we know and love often make the biggest difference.  The soft, friendly colors scheme and the overall design of the site sets the right tone for this guiding belief, which is displayed at the top of each page on the site.  NMC’s designers and developers created the site to offer the insight and perspective that comes with these types of conversations to a larger audience.  The site is not aggressive yet it speaks loudly.

In order to heavily focus the sight on the powerful stories, NMC’s designers and developers placed the videos on the center of the homepage and throughout the site.  The Share Your Story page was created and the link is provided above the existing videos to encourage people to send in their own stories.  In addition, a description of Amendment One is displayed on the homepage to inform viewers of the biggest issue that the project is set out to address.  The site also captures the attention and the hearts of viewers with a series of powerful quotes displayed on the bottom portion of the homepage.

Developed on NMC’s HiFi content management system, the site offers ways for people to stay connected with social media as well as the Stay Updated feature where people can sign up to receive emails.  NMC is confident that this site will serve as an effective platform for the Know + Love Project to capture the real feel of people in North Carolina and spread compassion and understanding.