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NMC Launches New York City Council Campaign Website for Ken Biberaj

New Media Campaigns is pleased to announce the launch of the website for Ken Biberaj, candidate for City Council in New York City on the Upper West Side.  Since this was Biberaj’s first political race, he was looking for a unique website design to make his campaign stand out.  Biberaj’s rich experiences, education, and accomplishments were perfect complements to a crisp and innovative design by NMC's team.

NMC’s designers leveraged large photographs in the header and footer area of the site to help distinguish the site as modern and different than most campaign sites while also placing an emphasis on the City.  Three tabs offering different calls to action are displayed across the middle of each page and slide up  when clicked.  Visitors are encouraged to invite Ken for coffee, share their thoughts, and contribute to the campaign.

The NMC team developed a variety of features for the site and built them all on a Content Management System, giving the campaign full ability to edit and control the site in the future.  The “Ken on Film” section of the homepage automatically pulls in the latest updates from the candidate’s YouTube and Flickr accounts and allows visitors to view them while remaining on the site.  The “People on Ken” section cycles through testimonials submitted by supporters and a link connects visitors to the full collection.

NMC enjoyed working with Ken Biberaj’s campaign on this project and is confident this modern site will aid the campaign in the upcoming election.  This latest site adds to the long list of clients for whom NMC provides political campaign website and online consulting.