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NMC Launches Website for Carmona for Arizona

New Media Campaigns recently launched the website for Richard Carmona, candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona with a truly fascinating history.  Carmona’s difficult childhood did not exactly set him up for success, which is why this candidate’s accomplishments are all the more extraordinary. With a seemingly rough future ahead, he enlisted in the army and several years after he had completed his medical degree—as the school’s top graduate. He later became the Surgeon General. 

With the goal of displaying Carmona’s experience and ambition, New Media Campaigns thoughtfully developed this powerful and informative website on the HiFi Content Management System with a variety of features to engage supporters for this campaign. 

The website is tightly integrated with social media including Facebook and Twitter feeds, encouraging fans to actively voice their support. The “Support Rich” feature on the homepage allows people to show their support with a single click to tweet the pre-written statement or a statement of their own. 

NMC’s designers looked to the Arizona flag for inspiration when selecting a color palette and graphics to ensure the site would have the Arizona feel that Carmona’s campaign had requested. The homepage rotation includes a video of Carmona discussing his vision for Arizona along with photos of Carmona interacting with the community, bringing a personal presence to the site.

New Media Campaigns’ involvement in aiding the success of this campaign is not limited to expert website development.  The NMC team is currently managing Carmona’s overall online campaign including assisting the campaign in writing emails, buying ads, and general online strategy.  NMC enjoyed working with Carmona for Arizona on this project and looks forward to the campaign’s continued success.